Release day! woo hoo!

by Kate 8. June 2015 16:00

Day Four of Recovery:  At this point I was starting to feel better.  I was getting up and walking more than I did since surgery.  I was able to have my catheter removed, my IV fluid and medication taken out and the possibility of being released!!!  I couldn't have been more ecstatic to be able to see my daughter and go home to my own bed (well, my second home because we chose to stay at my grandmothers who is a saint!)  They told me I had to pee on my own, which did take four hours of watching Judge Joe Brown.  But just the thought that I could be laying in my own bed was so exhilarating!  I was finally able to take a shower which was what I had been waiting day after day for! After waiting for what felt like weeks, I was released down.

A lady from transport brought up a wheel chair and guided us over to the ICU to see Vincent before we left.  Although he probably was in pain, he seemed like he felt and was doing better than me.  We exchanged showing our scars to one another and shortly after arriving, we were headed to the car.  After getting home and receiving all of my mail from Vincent's extended family who live in different states.  My family and I sat outside to enjoy the weather and a fire.  It felt so good to be home, finally.  It surely didn't last as long as it did.  Being home was REALLY short lived!


Please continue following and reading my blog.  I'll explain why being home wasn't for long and an update on Vincent!

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