A visit to the emergency room.

by Kate 10. June 2015 02:04
Katie and Vincent

Friday night was one of the most painful nights I had.  I woke up hysterical in pain throughout the whole night.  This was my first night sleeping without a nurse coming in and giving me medication for pain all night and day.  And the medicine they sent me home with was a lower amount I was used to receiving in the hospital.  I survived the night to only meet the day with more pain and a fever.  I laid in bed for hours, not able to move, talk, or even care to do anything.  I was truly miserable.  It was like I had taken two steps backwards in recovery.  That evening I couldn't bare to just lay lifeless in bed anymore.  My mom and I rode down with in an ambulance to Children's ER and my fiance followed in our car.  

After x-rays, an ultra sound, morphine, blood work, urine tests and an IV they decided it was necessary to re admit me to the hospital.  I wasn't a happy camper at all.  After all, I felt a ton better and my 103 degree fever lowered to 97 degrees.  But, for my own good, I listened and was put into a room.  By the morning I was a new person.  I could get up and out of bed on my own and wasn't having difficulty peeing like I had the previous day.  I was beyond ready to go home and sleep in my own bed.  After hours of waiting, I finally was released.  It felt so good to be back home and be back with my fiance and daughter.  The rest of Sunday I rested and didn't do much of anything but sit or sleep.  Monday wasn't much different from Sunday.  Pain medicine, sleeping and laying around.  My mobility and amount of movement had improved by at least 25% each day.  

Keep following my journey into recovery and an update on Vincent!

Also, Saturday, June 16th, Murphy's Pub in Clifton is having a benefit for Vincent and I.  It starts at 2pm and doesn't have an end time.  Come out and meet me and the parents of Vincent.  Enjoy great food provided and play your chances at split the pot, the silent auction or the raffle!  

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