Follow up..

by Kate 26. June 2015 14:40

  It's been six weeks since surgery.  I'm back at work, back to being Mommy 100% and back to socializing and acting like Katie, minus how quickly I get exhausted.  Vincent is doing wonderful.  He's gaining weight, he has a color back to him and his bloodwork and kidney function tests have came back better than ever.  He's still not able to be in a big public area because of his suppressed immune system but he has been acting like a healthy, typical five year old boy.  Bouncing off the walls, riding bikes and playing with his new kitten "Junior", he's a whole new kid.  And boy are his parents worn out by how much energy this little guy has!  Vincent wasn't ever deathly ill but he wasn't ever 100% until after surgery, so this is the young boy they've longed to meet; still his sweet self just has more go to him! 

  In two days, Vincent will be undergoing another surgery.  This one is outpatient and less extensive.  They're going to remove the stint they put into the urethra during surgery to be sure it stayed open so it could work properly.  They are also going to remove his dialysis tube since it's not needed now.  This surgery is a streak of success from the transplant.  We're all very hopefully this surgery goes without a hitch and he's back to himself in no time.

  And for anyone who was wondering about the benefit, it went wonderful.  Tons of people brought in delicious dishes and for the amount of people whom attended, a good amount of money was collected to help with the surgery costs.  Everyone had a great time and I can't thank everyone whom helped put it together and who attended, enough for their participation!


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