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by Kate 11. July 2015 22:00

Vincent was doing great during recovery and had normal labs up until June 27 when he showed a higher-than-normal creatinine level. For those of you whom are questioning what that all means, creatinine is a major indicator of kidney function, and his level was just a hair above the range his has been since the transplant. So it could be nothing at all but a one-time thing, but it could also be one of the first signs of acute rejection, which is seen most often during the first two to three months after transplant.  They ordered a biopsy which is done any time rejection is suspected. Usually there are other signs of rejection also, and this is the only one seen at this time, but it's also one of the earliest that would be seen. So on July 28, Vincent went into surgery to have his stent removed and his dialysis catheter removed. This had already been planned and was to be a simple outpatient thing where he goes home after recovery in the PACU. But since his levels being higher than they have been, the procedure will take a little longer, and he will be admitted for at least the whole day for observation and to wait for results from pathology. If it's nothing, Vincent gets to go home. If it's rejection, he will stay in the hospital for another 3 days or so while they treat the rejection to stop it from progressing.  The day before his surgery he had an ultra-sound to check "our" kidney out. They wanted to check if anything looked off or if it was enlarged prior to his surgery.  I will post another blog here shortly to let you hear how everything is going with Vincent.  Look forward!!




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William Brooks
William Brooks
7/12/2015 9:38:05 AM #

It turns out that it wasn't rejection and the elevated creatinine is likely due to Vincent's metabolism of one of his anti-rejection meds. His lab numbers are fine and the biopsy results indicated there was no rejection. We are going a day at a time and can say in hindsight, things could not be any better. We love you KT! - Will, Nancy, and of course Vincent.

Kidney Kate
Kidney Kate
7/13/2015 3:59:50 PM #

So glad to hear=] I read up on carepages a little late !! Although I knew all was well, I fell asleep before blog #2 with the good news!! Thanks for the update Will! Can't wait til little man can swim! We gotta set something up before he starts the big first year of school!!

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